It all started on the bus...

The X3 from Northampton to Bedford Modern School, midway through the 1980's, we were 13 at the time.

It was on the bus to school where Marcus Alder and I first met. Run life forward by 30 years and we're on another journey together - in business together. Marcus spent his time in a few jobs and building various businesses, which he still does. I'd spent the last 25 years as an estate agent, learning the ropes from the bottom to the Board. Learning about the industry, in depth. Seeing recessions, booms, and getting to know every little foible in the property world.

Since 2011 we've been running Williams Alder together. Combining a great mix of skills, energy and passion for our customers whilst building an extensive network of exclusive properties and tenants.

You're less likely to see Marcus, he works away behind the scenes, although he does like to fly helicopters so if you see one above that might be him… I should add, we do use helicopters from time to time to take clients from one property to another, but this will always be a professional commercial pilot!

You're very likely to see me though. Whilst this business is not a ‘one man band' we actually try to make it feel like that. We figure the best way to give a personal service is to do as much as possible, personally. Because we just help a handful of selected clients I'm able to offer you my full attention, virtually 24/7. Yes - you'll be able to reach me at any time.

You're also likely to deal with Kerry. The ‘lovely Kerry' as she's often referred to by our clients. Kerry is very experienced dealing with properties, and people, and is a real asset to our team.

Both Marcus and I have busy family lives, eight children between us! Our business is like another child which we're at the beck and call for whenever or however needed.

The photo below is with my youngest daughter Kitty, we don't look it, but we're pretty exhausted after that stroll in Wales!

Welcome to our business :-)

Jason Williams